CCTV Site Data Management Software

This Software can work at Any Laptop/Electronic Goods Repairing Outlet.
Job Register and Service Bill Register to Boost the Business Speed.
Purchase and Sales from Serial No and Search Option for the Same
Service Bill and Small size Account gives the Edge
Multiple Company Support
Sales without Serial No gives the advantage for Billing
You can manage Quotation Data from Software
User Account System 
All Data Storage has Print option.
Software Structure

Data Master
Select Company
Stock Item
        Call Area 
User Account

        Inward [Job Card] 
        Outward [Job Card]
Service Bill
Service Call Data Entry and Register
        Inquiry Data [CRM]
Employee Bag Issue 
Site Installation and Return Data Entry

Job Register
Service Bill Register
Quotation Register
        Inquiry [CRM]Register  
Account Information
Outstanding List
Site Payment Report
Site Expense Report
        Employee Bag Issue Register to Track Site Inventory
        CCTV Site Installation and Return Register for Billing    

Windows 98/Windows Xp/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10
Hardware : Any Processor above celeron 2.5 series, minimum 128 MB of Ram, 100 MB free Space on Hard Disk for Data Storage
LAN : Enabled (You can run software in LAN with single Server Terminal)
After Sales Support Mode : Online with the help of remote desktop sharing software 

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