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Easy and Simple 

Select Proper Account + Inventory Items at All the Transaction and rest all things will be done Automatically by the Software

GST is Destination Based Tax System CGST / SGST and IGST shall be applicable on the selected Destination at Sales / Purchase & etc. Transaction.

We have covered all State and City Database into our Software for easy Selection at Account Master, Plus you can add on Additional GSTN No for Same Accounts as well.

Vectors GST Accounting Software will Open 17 Different System Generated Accounts as you Create your Company Master and From That Account System will Post Direct Accounting Entries of Tax and Expense from various Transactions.

These Accounts are

1.Input CGST / 2.Input SGST / 3.Input IGST / 4.Output CGST / 5.Output SGST / 6.Output IGST / 7.Cash In Hand / 8.Purchase Acc / 9.Sales Acc / 10.Fright Charges / 11.Loading and Packing Charges / 12.Insurance Charges / 13.Other Charges / 14.Reverse Charge CGST / 15.Reverse Charge SGST / 16.Reverse Charge IGST and 17. Advance Tax 

Vectors GST Accounting Software has Automated Integrated System of Selection the Tax Type for Various Transaction Depends on Accounts State Code. 

All the Accounting Entries will be done Automatically to respective Tax and Expense Account from All the Transactions.

For Example If you are Sales Entry lies within your State Output CGST and Output SGST accounts will have its effect. 

and if your Sales Entry lies outside your State Output IGST account will have its effect .

This Mechanism is almost Same with Reference to the Tax Accounting Effect for all other Transaction like Purchase / Credit Note / Debit Note / supplementary Invoice / Debit Note / Advance Tax

Reverse Charge Mechanism selection is also given to each Transaction and as per lows all The Accounting Entries will be change as per its Accounting Effect in Reverse Charge Mechanism.


          1. Stock Data Import Facility from .csv format

          2. Inbuilt All Indian State and City Data 

          3. Multi GSTN Support at Accounts Master

          4. Auto Calculation on CGST / SGST / IGST from State Code and Tax Rate in all Transactions

          5. Auto Maintained Input / Output CGST / SGST / IGST Account Ledger 

          6. Inbuilt Reverse Charge Mechanism

          7. Auto Maintained Expense Accounts like Fright / 

          8. Packing / Insurance & etc.

          9. GST Basket Rate Option   

        10. ITC Credit Details Window

        11. Landscape and Portrait Print Settings for Invoices

        12. Simple and Export Bill Layout Setting  

        13. Job Work In and Out for Stock and Tax Entries

        14. Advance Tax Payment and Receipt 

        15. GST Compliance Data Export 

        16. CRM Data to Maintain your Inquiries

        17. Quotation Data Management

        18. User Accounts and User Rights 

Software Structure

Data Master
Opening Stock
Product Group
B.O.M. [Production Batch]

Delivery Challan
Credit Note
Debit Note
Jobwork Out
Jobwork In
Advance Tax Payment
Advance Tax Receipt
Cheque Printing
Inquiry [CRM] Data
First Production
Semi Finish Production
Packing Production


GST Reports
     ITC [Input Tax Credit] Details
  GSTR1, GSTR2 & Etc. Data Export
Accounting Reports
  Account Ledger
     Head wise Information
  Day Book
  Cash / Bank Book
  List of Accounts
  Negative Accounts
Accounting Register
     Purchase Register
  Journal Register
  Sales Register
  Supplementary Invoice Register
  Paymet Register
  Receipt Register
  Contra Register
  Credit Note Register
  Debit Note Register
Inventory Reports
          Stock Register
  Closing Stock Register
  Minimum Stock Report
     Maximum Stock Report
  List of Products
Inventory and Account Data Report
  Purchase Report
  Sales Report
  Delivery Challan Report
  Supplimentry Invoice Report
  Credit Note Report
  Debit Note Report
  Jobwork Out Report
  Jobwork In Report
  Advance Tax Payment Report
  Advance Tax Receipt Report
Production Data Report
  First Production Data Register
  Semi Finish Production Data Register
  Packing Production] Data Register
General Reports
  Inquiry [CRM] Register
  Quotation Register
  Cash Flow
  Trial Balance
  Trading Account
  Profit And Loss Account
  Balance Sheet


Windows 98/Windows Xp/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 / Windows 10
Hardware : Any Processor above celeron 2.5 series, minimum 128 MB of Ram, 100 MB free Space on Hard Disk for Data Storage
LAN : Enabled (You can run software in LAN with single Server Terminal)
After Sales Support Mode : Online with the help of remote desktop sharing software 

Watch All Video in HD Mode for Best Result

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