HR Software

1. Employee Master Contains with more than 150 Inputs

    a. Personal Details

    b. Legal and Health

    c. Family & Education

    d. Last Employer & Job Information

    e. Bank Declaration & Company Assets,

    f. Salary Fixation & Increment,

    g. Quarter Allotment

2. Department, Sub Department, Designation, Section, Category, Position

3. Attendance Data Upload Process from Your Biometric Machine. Which can be     Face, Card or Finger Print Data

4. Daily Attendance Data with Punching Time, Shift, Weekly Off, Department, Sub Department, Section, Designation and Category

5. Leave [PL/CO/OD/AC/PH/LWP/R]

6. Bonus Payment, Financial Year Summery/ Staff Bonus

7. Arrear Details and Summery Report

8. PF Reports Form -2, Form No.3A, Form No.6A, Form 5,Form No.9, Form No.10C, Form No.10D, Form No.11, Form No.12A,  Form No.13, Form No.19, Form No.20, Form No.31 , Life Certificate, Pension Transfer Form Monthly PF Statement and Etc.

9. Loan Management

10. Monthly Salary Data from Daily Attendance and Leave

11. Excel File Upload Process for Deduction of Advance Payment, Gas, Canteen, Other (CUG) with depth Filter Reporting

12.  Excel File Upload Process for Multiple Monthly Entries of Allowance (Night Attendance, Production, Over Time [OT]) , Deduction (Advance, Canteen, Other)  Shift, Society Charges, C-Off Approval, Salary Rate Increment with depth Filter Reporting

13. Salary from Monthly Present Data with Deduction and Allowances

14. Employee Data Search, Employee Application Form

15. Upload  Employee Photograph and Document

16. Monthly In Out Register of Employee

17. OT Register

18. Monthly Salary Summery

19. Earning Deduction Register with Reference to Department

20. Account Summery

21. Daily MIS Report On Roll Present

22. Daily MIS Report On Roll Absent

23. Loan Deduction List

24. Final Leave Balance

25. Final C Off Balance

26. C Off Data Approval Register

27. Monthly Salary Summery Report

28. Earning Deduction

29. Account Summery

30. Daily MIS Report On Roll Present

31. Daily MIS Report On Roll Absent

32. Loan Deduction Report

33. Final Leave Balance

34. Police Verification Register

35. Full and Final Statement

36. Pay Slip

37. Recruitment Report

38. Monthly New Joining Report

39.I Card Register

40. Identity Card Register Form No.36

41. Increment Register 

42. Complain Register

43. Sexual Harassment Data Register

44. Contractor Worker Muster Roll

45. Fire Safety Register

46. Health Register

47. Apprentice Act Register

48. Company Asset Register

49. Insurance Claim Register

50. Gate Inward Register for Raw Material and Store

51. Professional Tax Statement

All Reports can be Export to Excel


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