Restaurant Billing, Account and Inventory Management Software


Restaurant Billing and Raw Material Data Management Software has unique concept of Account Management, Inventory Management of Raw Material, Party Order and Most Importantly Table Billing. 

Accounting Report of Account Ledger and Outstanding,VAT Sales Register.

Inventory Report of Closing Stock Register,Item wise Purchase Report, Reorder Level for Raw Material, Maximum Stock Report, Department wise Purchase Report, Department wise Store Issue Report.

Collection Report of Cashier, Particular Table, Paid/Unpaid Table Report. 
Party Order Reminder Report & etc.. 

Software has User Control Facility of Login. 

Windows 98/Windows Xp/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
Hardware : Any Processor above celeron 2.5 series, minimum 128 MB of Ram, 100 MB free Space on Hard Disk for Data Storage
LAN : Enabled (You can run software in LAN with single Server Terminal)
After Sales Support Mode : Online with the help of remote desktop sharing software 

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