School Data Management Software


Fee Structure Master
Student Receipt Data 
Student Due Payment Report 
Collection Report
Time Table
Bonafide / NOC / Transfer Certificates
Receipt Reports for Certificates
Library Data Management
One Step Book Issue / Book Receipt with Live Detailed
Book Stock Register

Software Structure

School Selection
School Master
Student Master
Stream Master
Subject master
Caste Name Master  
Fee Structure Master [Basic Fee Master]
Teacher Master
Book Master
Book Group Master
Lession No for Test Data
MCQ Question Data
MCQ Test Paper Master
Time Table
Time Table Timings
Time Table Data Entry
Time Table for Teacher 
User Account

Fee Receipt
Book Purchase
Book Issue - Deposite for Student
Book Issue - Deposite for Teacher
Prospectus Data
Bonafide Certificate
NOC [No Objection Certificate]
Transference Certificate
MCQ Test
Student Report
Student List
Standard wise Data Report
Caste wise Student Data Report
Birthday Reminder Report
Student Data Search
Collection Report
Prospectus Fee Collection Report
Total Fees Report
Remaning Fee Report
Bonafide Fee Collection Report
NOC Fee Collection Report
Transference Fee Collection Report
MCQ Results
Library Reports
Books Codes
Books Stock Report
Book wise Issue Report
Student wise Issue Report
Teacher wise Issue Report

Windows 98/Windows Xp/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
Hardware : Any Processor above celeron 2.5 series, minimum 128 MB of Ram, 100 MB free Space on Hard Disk for Data Storage
LAN : Enabled (You can run software in LAN with single Server Terminal)
After Sales Support Mode : Online with the help of remote desktop sharing software 

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